Drew Barrymore Hugs Her Daughters Tight, Reflects on Difficult 2016: 'I Cried A Lot This Year'

The 'Blended' star looks back on this year's challenges, while also highlighting her family and loved ones.

Drew Barrymore is taking time to reflect on 2016.

The Blended star has shared several Instagram pictures highlighting her friends and family using the hashtag, #peopleilove, while also acknowledging the challenges this past year brought -- including her divorce from Will Kopelman.

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"I have cried a lot this year," the 41-year-old actress captioned one photo. "I have always been a person who is flawed. I forgive. I fight. But I do not fight with others. I will spend my life trying to give love. And I am always aware and appreciative when I receive it. My heart is very open right now. Let us all be as good to each other as we have ever been. 2017, here we come. And yes! I will be arm and arm, with all the #peopleilove."

In another sweet picture, Barrymore cozies up to her daughters -- 4-year-old Olive and 2-year-old Frankie -- writing, "These are the loves of my life. #myolive #myfrankie all I wanted to do this week was reflect. Think about people and moments that make life make sense to me. That make life amazing. That motivate me to be my best self. I feel so lucky. And after just living the last few days in all things positive, it was good for me to reflect on things that truly make me happy."

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Barrymore also gave a shout out to her famous besties, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz and Nicole Richie.

"Hold onto those you love and climb a mountain together. The women in my life are doers. That can be anything from life, work and physical capability. Zest if you will," Barrymore wrote on a selfie with her . "I follow my friends. And when I am most in need, I hold on tighter. But it is when they need me... I know I have done something right. To earn their trust. Love your friends. Share kindness. Hold onto moments and most of all... MAKE MORE PLANS!!!!!!!!!"

During her time of reflection, Barrymore posted several other appreciative pics, paying respect to her late father, her Charlie's Angels co-stars Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu, and more of her friends, family, and loved ones.

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Always good to take time to reflect on the people you love in your life!

In October, Barrymore opened up to ET about her secrets to co-parenting with her ex-husband.

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