Channing Tatum Hilariously Pranks People as Elvis Presley -- Watch!


Channing Tatum makes a pretty good Elvis Presley.

The 36-year-old actor put on his best Elvis disguise (and his best moves) to prank a few unsuspecting office workers -- for a good cause.

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"Hey, what's up, y'all? Channing here, and I'm here to support (RED)," Tatum said, while introducing the hilarious video of his prank. "I've teamed up with Omaze again to offer you a chance to join me in Las Vegas for the opening night of Magic Mike Live, a night that you will never forget."

"To give you a preview, I'm here to surprise a few overworked folks with a quick trip to Vegas," he explained. "We've transformed the top floor of this ordinary office building into a bustling casino, complete with all things Vegas. My friends are here, the cameras are hidden and in place, and I'm just about ready to surprise our unsuspecting targets. All they have to do is follow the King."

Every entry of $10 or more supports (RED)'s fight for an AIDS FREE GENERATION, helping HIV positive moms get access to life-saving ARV pills that prevent them from passing the virus to their unborn babies. The winner of Omaze's contest will sit side-by-side with Tatum at the premiere of Magic Mike Live and join him at the exclusive after-party.

Watch the actor's hilarious prank below:

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Tatum clearly has no problem dressing up for a good cause. In fact, the actor and his wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, sported amazing Beauty and the Beast-themed costumes while trick-or-treating with their daughter, Everly, on Halloween.

See their impressive ensembles in the video below.