Did 'Friends' Invent the Mannequin Challenge Over a Decade Ago?


Remember that one where Friends created the Mannequin Challenge?

So, it's not exactly the Mannequin Challenge, but the Friends cast did hilariously freeze in place (a la our current favorite viral sensation) in the 2003 episode "The One With the Boob Job."

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If your memory's a little hazy, there's a reason why -- the gang's frozen poses were part of a deleted scene added to the DVD versions of the show after the episode initially aired.

In the scene, the group is gathered in the living room while Rachel tries to demonstrate baby Emma's crawling, but since the tiny tot needs complete silence to focus on getting from point A to point B, Rachel, Joey, Monica, Chandler -- and then Phoebe -- stand stock still, like a couple of mannequins.

Watch the clip below:

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A decade later, the Mannequin Challenge is the hottest social media craze, with countless celebrities participating in the madness.

Most recently, Dancing With the Stars pro Mark Ballas and his groomsmen -- including best man Derek Hough -- gave the challenge their best shot before Ballas' wedding to BC Jean last week.

See more in the video below.