Natalie Portman Talks Second Pregnancy, Reveals What She's Been Craving!

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Natalie Portman has that pregnancy glow.

The notoriously private actress recently stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show, airing Wednesday, to promote her film, Jackie, when she talked about what it's like being pregnant for the second time on the red carpet. Portman was pregnant with her first child, Aleph, during the 2011 awards season, when she ended up winning an Oscar for her performance in Black Swan.

"It does make you look forward to the day when you can just have your own body on the red carpet," Portman, 35, joked.

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Portman said she doesn't know the gender of her second child with husband Benjamin Millepied, but shared that her pregnancy cravings this time around are definitely different.

"With [Aleph] it was very... I wanted cream puffs, anything dessert with cream in it, or just plain cream straight. This time it's, like, healthy -- pineapple, cucumbers, burritos -- which is maybe less healthy, but delicious."

As for her latest role as iconic former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, which is already getting plenty of Oscar buzz, Portman admits she didn't know too much about Kennedy before taking on the role.

"I think I knew her like most Americans know her," she explains. "Sort of what she looked like, the fashion, the style, and of course the broad strokes of her life that we know about -- JFK, his assassination, and later [second husband Aristotle] Onassis -- but this was sort of my first [time] approaching her as a human being.

As for Kennedy's distinct accent, Portman says she nailed it by working with a dialect coach and listening to tapes of Kennedy "over and over."

Portman wasn't the only superstar on Wednesday's show. Country singer Miranda Lambert performed her hit single, "Vice," which is nominated for two GRAMMY Awards.

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ET sat down with Portman in October, when she sweetly gushed about her husband and son.

"I think they're good luck charms in life," she said, referring to the fact that she was also pregnant when she clinched her Best Actress Oscar. "They're the best things. The best main miracles."

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