EXCLUSIVE: Chris Pratt Reveals How He Gets Ready for Nude Scenes: 'Really Deep Mental Preparation'

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By this point, Chris Pratt has had to get comfortable showing some skin.

Pratt and his Passengers co-star Jennifer Lawrence sat down with ET's Carly Steel ahead of the Dec. 21 release of his new film, Passengers, where he acknowledges he strips down onscreen.

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"It's a really deep mental preparation needed to show your butt on camera," the 37-year-old actor joked. "I'm naked for some parts of this movie."

Thankfully, things were made easier by Pratt and Lawrence's on-screen chemistry, which the two admit happened by accident.

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"We didn’t. It was a real role of the dice," Lawrence said, in regards to whether the two met before filming. "It could have been a total disaster."

"Yeah, it could have been a total nightmare," Pratt responded. "We dodged a bullet."

Pratt also explained that the extensive shooting schedule helped the two bond during production.

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"It was an amazing experience, and it’s just the two of us, almost through the whole movie," Pratt said. "It was really long hours but we had a good time. We spent a lot of time just laughing and bonding over our mutual interests, mostly the movie Dumb and Dumber.”

"It’s crazy cause you get thrown into a situation where you spend 16 hours, 17 hours a day with somebody," he added. "You realize you spend more time, in the course of four months, with this new person than you may with somebody you’ve known your whole life."

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It's a bond that likely led to Pratt's recent bit of jokingly cropping Lawrence out of his social media photos, something Lawrence said she didn't catch onto at first.

"I think it’s really funny," Lawrence explained. "The funniest part is I was genuinely not aware of it for a while. Like a shocking amount of time, because I don’t pay any attention to the internet and all my friends by now know not to talk to me about the internet, so I didn’t know for a while, and when I found out it was three to four times as funny."

During the interview, Pratt also opened up about being visited on set by wife Anna Faris, and the couple's adorable 4-year-old son, Jack, who he said is becoming a natural behind the camera!

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"Jack has been on set to visit me on every movie I’ve done since he’s been alive," Pratt shared. "He’s getting really comfortable with the idea of sitting behind the monitors. ... He’s like a little director!"

In fact, Jack has become such a little filmmaker that Pratt confessed he's picked up one bad habit some actors have: making requests.

"There was a moment when he was behind the monitors where the director and the producer sit, watching what’s happening on camera. He had his cans on and he was looking through his little glasses at the monitor, and he just said, 'Can I get a coconut water?'" Pratt revealed. "And he wasn’t like talking to anyone necessarily, which is totally terrible behavior that we do all the time, where you just like throw a random request into the ether and expect someone to deliver it cause we’re totally spoiled brat baby actors."

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Aw! We're sure Jack was just thirsty!

Even though Jack has taken to set life, Pratt said the family stays together during Christmastime, away from the cameras.

"Never know whats gonna happen two-to-three months away, six months away, and we have to be really spontaneous and be willing to just get up and go," he said, noting, "One thing we can always depend on is Christmas. We always have Christmas off, the business shuts down and people get to go home."

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"I’m looking forward to just building a fire sitting around and taking it easy," he revealed. "Unplugging and unwinding and having some family time."

That's what the holidays are all about!

Watch the video below to see Pratt's running joke of cropping Lawrence out of photos.