Elle Fanning Pokes Fun at Video of Herself Falling While Roller Skating -- See the Video!

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Elle Fanning isn't afraid to laugh at herself.

The usually very graceful actress took quite a tumble while roller skating with friends on Friday, and took to Instagram to post the hilarious evidence.

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"Pre," she captioned a video of herself expertly roller skating around the rink before her fall.

"Post #elletakesatumble," she wrote alongside the next video, which included her epic spill.

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It seems Fanning can make the best of any situation -- including missing her prom night!

ET caught up with the actress earlier this year, where she dished about missing her own prom to promote her movie, The Neon Demon, at the Cannes Film Festival, but still made the night special.

"It was the best prom night ever!" she said, revealing that she invited her best friend, Cass, to Cannes with her to party the night away.

"We always planned to go our senior year to prom together, but then I had to call him and I was like, 'I'm going to Cannes' and then we were like, 'Wait, do you want to come out to Cannes?!' He was like, 'Yes!'"

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See more in the video below.