Julianne and Derek Hough Are Officially Touring Together Again: 'It's Beyond Anything We've Done Before'

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There's just no stopping Julianne and Derek Hough!

The superstar siblings announced on Wednesday that they'll be hitting the road together for the third installment of their Move -- Beyond -- Live on Tourduring an appearance on Good Morning America.

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"So Move -- Beyond, we wanted to call it something different and something that represents what the show is going to be," Derek told ET of the decision to add "Beyond" to the name of the tour title this time around. "[It's] beyond anything we've done before, it's beyond expectation. Yeah! So, it's exciting! This is our third tour, we've have had two sold out tours before."

Julianne chimed in, telling ET that they’re both ready to get back on the road after taking a year off from touring to focus on different projects. "I did Grease at the beginning of the year, Derek finished it off with Hairspray," she explained. "And now we're just kind of ready to go back out there, connect with the fans."

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The tour will travel to 49 cities throughout the U.S., featuring all-new production, staging and high-impact choreography in a variety of dance styles, including ballroom, tap, salsa, hip-hop and "everything in between." According to Derek, fans will also get to hear some singing.

"[It's going to be] a fun-live-show," added Julianne. "We love live! So we're going to be dancing, all new choreography, new stage, everything."

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In addition to Julianne and Derek's pieces -- which are inspired by the elements: earth, wind, fire, water and air -- those who purchase tickets starting Friday at MoveLiveOnTour.com will also be treated to group numbers featuring the Move Company Dancers. So You Think You Can Dance choreographers NappyTabs, made up of Napoleon and Tabitha Dumo, will be assisting Julianne and Derek with the co-creation, direction and choreography for the tour.

"We have some really cool images that we want, you know, [to create] this really cool place," Derek said of the earth elements inspiration. "They just kind of inspired us just from like a … just kind of getting grounded from a grounding place."

"Yeah and the water, with the way that we're going to include the water within the show, is the sweat coming off our faces at the audiences," he joked. "So, first couple of rows you're going to get a little spritz!"

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Julianne also weighed in on the elements aspect of the tour, explaining that "with Beyond, it's all about beyond our expectations, beyond our limits. There's so much that you can do beyond yourself, but at the same time, your core of who you are is very grounded, and that's kind of who and what our tour represents too."

"Obviously one of our favorite parts about the tour is not just being on stage and putting on a great show -- it's connecting with the fans," she continued. "So we have all these VIP experiences where [fans] know we're going to come back. There's like a whole lounge area where we get to have conversations and talk [to guests.] We always go over in our meet and greets because we literally love talking so much to them, and answering questions and hearing about their lives and stuff. So we're excited about that part too."

"It's one of my favorite parts," Derek said. "We love it."

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As for the costumes? "Oh, [they're] still in the works for sure!" Derek revealed, noting that they "are a part of the show" and will be "over the top and fantastic."

"Glamourous and modern and fresh," added Julianne. "But also one thing that is very different that we're going to incorporate this year is the use of props and the use of projection and stuff like that, which we really didn't do the last couple of times."

Julianne compared the exciting tour news to a musical artist dropping a new album and announcing an accompanying tour. "This is sort of our version of dropping our new tour and it's matured, it's fresh, it's artistic," she explained. "It's something that I feel like we've grown into our third album almost, you know?"

Derek echoed his sister's statements, saying, "We're super competitive, that's in our nature."

"We're competitive with ourselves; we want to keep upping the standard and upping the level of what we put out there, and we just want to keep raising the bar," he continued. "And, you know, we want people to walk out and be like, 'That was the best dancer we've ever seen.'"

Unfortunately, Derek also confirmed to ET that he will not be returning as a pro for season 24 of Dancing With the Stars. In addition to the tour, he's gearing up to be a judge on Jennifer Lopez's upcoming World of Dance competition show, which you can read more about HERE.

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