EXCLUSIVE: Mark Wahlberg Surprised His Mom With a New Car for 'Patriots Day' Premiere

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Mark Wahlberg may be a big Hollywood star, but he's still all about family -- at least according to his mom, Alma.

ET's Kevin Frazier caught up with 45-year-old actor and his mom at the premiere of his new movie, Patriots Day, in Boston, Massachusetts, on Wednesday, where Alma couldn't help but gush about her A-list son -- and revealed he bought her a brand new car!

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"I don't know if there's words [to describe how proud I am], but he's come a long way," she said. "About a year and a half ago, I said to him, 'You know the rules, call your mother! You have to call your mother!' And he's like, 'Well I was busy.' I said, 'No, no, no, all you have to do is: 'Hi Ma, how ya doin? OK I gotta go!'"

"So, he's called me every day for the last two years," she added. "Every day…And you know what I love? He's grateful, and so that makes me really happy."

Alma also dished to Frazier about her "big secret," revealing her son's generous gift. "I looked out my front door today, and there was this brand new car sitting out there with the big red bow on it!"

"Don't laugh!" she pleaded. "He bought me a brand new Hyundai Azera, my favorite car in the world!"

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Mark definitely made his mom's day with the big surprise, but according to the actor, Alma might have known she was getting the car all along.

"She was in love with this Hyndai. She kept asking me, and I kept saying no, and she told my sis that I was getting one anyway, so then I was like, 'Alright, Let's just get it for her,'" he explained. "I wanted it to be a surprise. If you're going to do it, you gotta do it right."

Alma wasn't the only member of the Wahlberg family to support Mark at the premiere of Patriots Day, which tells the story of the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013.

"Seeing this movie tonight, with everybody, and understanding the amount of inspiration that will pour out of this theater is something that I don't think you'll ever experience," he said. "The horror and the tragedy that happened has brought people together in a way that is so inspiring… it's the reason why we wanted to see the movie and the love that is going to come out of this theater and the energy and the resolve to keep moving forward."

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The Wahlberg family has also been brought together by their burger joint, Wahlburgers, whcih now features franchise locations in seven states as well as its own A&E reality show. Just don't ask Alma why Mark has more movie posters hanging up in the family's stores than big brother Donnie!

"Right, well, he makes a lot more movies than Donnie does, is what the story is," the Wahlberg matriarch hilariously snapped, clearly still favoring Mark after her new gift. 

ET sat down with Donnie with May, who clearly has other ideas about who his mom's favorite is. 

"She has to be politically correct, but I already know," he joked. "I'm the favorite."

See more in the video below.

Patriots Day, also starring John Goodman and Michelle Monaghan, opens in limited release Dec. 21, and goes wide on Jan. 13.