EXCLUSIVE: Chris Pratt's Wife Anna Faris Is on Jennifer Lawrence's Side in Hilarious 'Passengers' Prank War

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The hilarious prank war between Passengers co-stars Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence wages on, and now, even significant others are taking sides!

Pratt and his wife, actress Anna Faris, spoke with ET at Wednesday’s Los Angeles premiere of the outer space drama, where Faris revealed her surprising allegiance in the ongoing funny feud.

“I fully support Jennifer Lawrence,” the Mom star admitted, to her husband’s shocked chagrin. “I am all for it. I adore her!”

“I can't believe you're Team Jen,” Pratt responded. “I need some support, I thought you'd back me up!”

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The prank war began when Pratt started sharing social media pics from his and Lawrence’s worldwide Passengers press tour, but continuously omitted the Oscar winner from his selfies. Lawrence retaliated on Monday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, when she spray-painted over Pratt’s face on a Passengers bus ad.

“I saw it, and shots fired,” Pratt said of the stunt. “It's not over. This is a premiere, but the movie doesn't open for a few days. We still have some press tour left and she's gonna get it.”

Following the premiere, the actor and Lawrence were set to take off for Seoul, South Korea, to continue promoting the film, and Pratt admitted that he and Faris had been plotting his next move.

“We came up with a couple [ideas], we're not gonna tell you though,” he dished. “It's gonna get real… We can't tell you because you'll run and tell her, I know who you work for!”

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For her part, Lawrence was just excited about the opportunity to get some payback.

“We're having a huge, huge, huge fight,” she joked to ET. “There's a big feud going on… I was really excited when we did that on Kimmel. I haven't seen Chris yet, maybe he's mad, I don't know.”

All joking aside, the actress said that she’s “excited” for fans to see Passengers. “I know everybody is going to love this,” Lawrence said, “so I'm just excited for it to happen.”

Faris was just as psyched to see her hubby on the big screen.

“It's so great and I’m so beyond proud and I’m thrilled to be here with him and by his side,” she gushed. “I just can’t believe my sweet husband is a movie star.”

hits theaters Dec. 21.

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