The Many Loves of Zsa Zsa Gabor: From Prince von Anhalt to John F. Kennedy

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Despite Zsa Zsa Gabor's film career, it was her personal life that definitely kept her in the spotlight.

The Hungarian beauty not only remained in the public's eye with her off-camera feistiness, but also thanks to her legendary love life, which included nine marriages.

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1. Burhan Belge (m. 1937-1941)

Gabor already had her first marriage and divorce under her belt before she arrived in the United States in 1941 to embark on a career in Hollywood. She met Belge, a Turkish diplomat, shortly after winning the title of Miss Hungary in 1936.

2. Conrad Hilton (m. 1942-1948)

Soon after making a new home in the U.S., Gabor said "I do" to the legendary hotelier in 1942. The marriage would last five tempestuous years and produce Gabor's only child, daughter Francesca. Gabor would later say that Francesca was a result of rape by Hilton. Francesca died in 2015 after suffering a stroke or heart attack at her home. She was 67.

3. George Sanders (m. 1949-1954)

Gabor was the English film and TV actor's second wife. The notorious Lothario wed Gabor the same year he officially split from his first wife, Susan Larson. After his divorce from Zsa Zsa, Sanders would go on to marry her older sister, Magda, in 1970 -- a union that only lasted 32 days. In his later years, Sanders suffered from dementia and reportedly committed suicide in 1972.

4. Herbert Hutner (m. 1964-1966)

The investment banker reportedly sent Gabor two dozen roses every half hour on her birthday. After their divorce, he went on to wed another actress, Juli Reding, in 1969. The two remained together up until his death in 2008.

5. Joshua Cosden Jr. (m. 1966-1967)

After Hutner, Gabor only waited six days to get married again, this time to an oil magnate. The two called it quits after 19 months.

6. Jack Ryan (m. 1975-1976)

The Mattel toy designer, who has been credited with creating the Barbie doll, fell in love with Gabor in 1975, and was reportedly the first of Gabor's husbands to be younger than her. After reportedly giving Gabor a $48,000 Rolls-Royce as a wedding gift, the couple divorced the following year.

7. Michael O'Hara (m. 1977-1982)

The Beverly Hills lawyer reportedly met Gabor while representing her in her divorce from Ryan. They tied the knot just days after the Ryan divorce was finalized.

8. Felipe de Alba (m. 1982)

The vows exchanged between Gabor and de Alba, recited at sea in 1982, were annulled after one day.

9. Frederic Prinz von Anhalt (m. 1986-2016)

In 1986, Gabor said "I do" to the man that would be with her for the rest of her life. The German-American entrepreneur's German nobility was reportedly not acquired via lineage but rather purchased. He reportedly paid Princess Marie-Auguste of Anhalt to adopt him in 1980 when he was 36.

Aside from Gabor's marriages, she also had storied romances that became a source of constant tabloid fodder.

"President Kennedy, when I was in America he took me out for three months," she told reporters in 1988. "I never slept with him. He slept with everybody. He took me out because he liked to be with me."

In her 30-year marriage to von Anhalt, he was not just the socialite's lover, but also her fierce protector. He stood by her side through her legal battles and personal tragedies.

In 1989, Gabor made headlines when she was sentenced to three days in jail after being arrested for slapping a police officer during a traffic stop. In 2002, Gabor began to be plagued by serious health problems following a car crash that left her with broken bones, cuts and bruises. More health issues followed in 2011, when an untreated blood clot led to a gangrenous infection, which forced doctors to amputate her right leg.

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"We keep everything positive," von Anhalt told ET in February, explaining how he shielded his wife from reality. "When she lost her leg, she found out a year and a half later, because I didn't tell her. She saw it all of a sudden. I don't tell her bad news. I'm a positive guy."

Gabor died on Sunday at 99. Watch the video below for more.