John Legend Shows Off His Muscles While Putting Together Popcorn Machine For Chrissy Teigen

The 37-year-old singer rocked a tank top and biker shorts to help his wife.

John Legend put his muscles on display in the name of homemade popcorn.

Legend’s wife, Chrissy Teigen, captured the 37-year-old crooner putting together a popcorn machine while casually showing off his toned arms in a black tank top and black biker shorts.

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Once the machine was built, Teigen posted Snaps of herself shrieking with anticipation as the popcorn is being made and happily scooping up the freshly popped kernels in her super adorable Big Mac pajamas.

And in case the video wasn't enough, the Cravings author gave us a close-up selfie of her sweet PJs, which were apparently a gift from a mysterious sender.

Sadly, the popcorn party didn’t last very long. Teigen, 31, shared a Snapchat video of her beloved new snack machine turned over on the floor. "My popcorn machine are you okay," she captioned the Snapchat video, which she also shared on Twitter.

"What did you do?" Teigen can be heard jokingly asking her hubby, to which the Oscar winner replied, "The wire got caught in the wheel."

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The popcorn idea may not have ended well, but luckily, Teigen and Legend have a full collection of awesome social media moments. See how the sweet couple became the epitome of #RelationshipGoals in the video below.

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