Inside Hollywood's Secret Fat Removal Treatment With No Surgery Required

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ET is delving into the non-invasive fat-reduction treatment taking Hollywood by storm.

"If you have a little fat that you want to get rid of and you don't want liposuction, you don't want surgery and you've done the diet and exercise, CoolSculpting is the answer," Dr. Grant Stevens tells ET.

According to Dr. Stevens, CoolSculpting is one of the most requested treatments at his Los Angeles office, and he filled us in on how it works.

"It freezes the fat, and you eliminate the fat naturally," he says. "It took over 10 years of hard research and science to actually prove how fat cells could be eliminated safely and easily with cold."

The painless treatment takes approximately one hour, and patients can expect to see results within about a month.

"If anyone wants more information they can go to to find a qualified practitioner in their area," says Stevens.