Check Out the Laser Beauty Treatment Chelsea Handler Swears By!

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When it comes to getting cosmetic work, many stars are ditching injectables and turning their attention toward lasers.

One star who is singing the praises of laser facial treatments is talk show host Chelsea Handler, who recently posted a before and after pic of her treatment and had nothing but love for the impressive results.

Jennifer Lopez, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and the Kardashian sisters have all spoken about undergoing various laser treatments as well. To get a better look at all the different options available, ET's Carly Steel headed to DMH Aesthetics Medical Group in Los Angeles to find out more.

"It goes from fully ablative, all the way to non-ablative," Dr. Glenn Vallecillos explained. "Fully ablative basically sheers a layer of skin off your face, so you have a lot of downtime, and then you have non-ablative lasers … that allow you to treat a full spectrum of patient profiles in terms of their skin types."

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According to the doctor, it's the non-ablative laser treatments that most stars are often undergoing.

"They're getting these types of treatments because they can look great literally within two to three days," he continued. "It tightens your skin, their skin tone remains rejuvenated, like they were when they were younger, and it's a great, great laser with very low risk."

When it comes to how painful the procedure can be, Dr. Vallecillos shared, "I don't think we've had one patient that couldn't tolerate it."

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Treatments can run between $500 and $20,000, depending on what you're getting done and how often you're doing it. And, for some stars, it can be quite often.

According to Dr. Vallecillos, big-name stars who do prefer laser treatments likely get non-ablative treatments every four to six weeks, and stronger treatments three times a year.

"That really keeps their skin looking young," he added.

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