'Survivor' Alum Michael Skupin Sentenced to Prison on Child Pornography Charges

Associated Press

Michael Skupin appeared in an Oakland County courtroom in suburban Detroit on Tuesday, and was ordered to serve one to four years in prison for possession of child pornography, ET confirms.

In a separate case, the two-time Survivor contestant was also ordered to four years probation for larceny, and will have to submit to drug testing once released. In addition, Skupin will have to pay $31,800 to the victims of the crime.

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During an investigation into Skupin's involvement in a financial scheme, authorities found child pornography on his laptop. He was convicted in November, but claims he did not download the videos and images to his computer.

“I maintain that I didn’t do it,” he said in court on Tuesday (via People). “That’s all I maintain. There were hundreds of people who had access to my computer. I have 11 children who I’m raising, and I have about $1,000 a month in child support. There’s so much fallout that would result in me going away.”

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In 2001, Skupin was evacuated from Survivor II: The Australian Outback after falling into a campfire, but returned for Survivor: Philippines in 2012.

Reporting by Steve Wilks.