Todd Fisher Shares Sister Carrie and Mom Debbie Reynolds' Final Resting Place, Says They'll Be Buried Together

Todd told ABC News' 20/20 that the two actresses will be buried next to each other and "among friends."

Todd Fisher is planning a joint funeral for his mother Debbie Reynolds and sister Carrie Fisher, and revealed in a 20/20 interview on Friday that the two actresses will be buried next to each other and "among friends."

After being spotted at Westwood Village Memorial Park and Mortuary on Thursday, Fisher said he landed on Forest Lawn Memorial Park to be their final resting place after hummingbirds descended on a particular spot.

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"My mother loves hummingbirds, and had hummingbirds in her yard," he said. "We were going all over the place, and we got to this one place to look at this one thing, these hummingbirds came, and it was just like 'fait accompli,' as my mother would say."

Family friends Liberace and Bette Davis are also buried Forest Lawn.

Carrie died at age 60 on Tuesday, days after going into cardiac arrest aboard a Los Angeles-bound flight from London last week. The following day, Debbie died from a suspected stroke at 84 years old.

The timing of Debbie's death led some to wonder if the Hollywood legend died from grief over losing her daughter. Todd rejected this idea.

"She didn't die of a broken heart," he said. "She just left to be with Carrie."

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From Todd's point of view, Debbie dying soon after her daughter was "destiny," because she "didn't want to leave Carrie and did not want her to be alone."

"She at her core felt that [her children were] her greatest production or her greatest accomplishment, she made no bones about it," he said. "And she did the ultimate balancing act in life where she was able to be a mother and have that career."

One of Debbie's biggest sources of pride when it came to her kids was Carrie's resilience in battling her demons.

"The fact that Carrie could overcome these incredible obstacles, bipolar disorder and all the things that come with that, and it's no simple matter," Todd said. "She was a powerful woman and people like that about her. But she was also the most vulnerable little girl I know."

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While Carrie and Debbie's relationship was tumultuous, in their latter years, the two shared a bond that was undeniable. Their unique bond -- they both lived next door to each other in Beverly Hills, California -- is spotlighted in the upcoming HBO documentary, Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, which premieres Jan. 7.

"We're broken-hearted, those of us that are left behind," Todd said. "We also are happy that they're together. It's horrible, it's beautiful, it's magical they are together, it's beyond words, it's beyond understanding."

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