EXCLUSIVE: Jade Roper is 'Disappointed' With How 'Bachelor' Nick Viall Treated Her Maid of Honor Liz

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Jade Tolbert is sticking by her best friend.

ET's Lauren Zima caught up with the Bachelor in Paradise alum at the charity party for Nick Viall's Bachelor premiere, benefitting SheLift and Globe-athon, at Sycamore Taven on Monday night, where she said she was "disappointed" by Viall's treatment of her pal, Liz, as a contestant on the show. 

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"She had talked to me about it before she went on [the show], and I kind of tried to prep her for it and I'm proud of her for doing it. I feel like it's really brave," Roper said. "She really did have an interest in Nick and she went there to see if there was anything and I totally support her."

As viewers saw on Monday night's episode, Liz admitted to having a one-night stand with Viall at Roper's televised wedding to Tanner Tolbert last January, after which Viall asked for her phone number, but she declined. While Viall questioned Liz's motives for appearing on the show after such a long time apart, the 29-year-old doula made it through the first rose ceremony.

"I know the next to episodes are really juicy, I'll tell you that!" Roper said, before opening up about the pair's awkward encounter on Monday's premiere. "I've heard a little bit and I know the whole situation is awkward, but I'll say I'm a little disappointed... He could've gotten her number, too."

"She didn't really think about him till a couple months after because she kind of started seeing somebody else during the summer," she explained. "Things happen. And, actually, we did a charity event in Kansas city, and [we invited Viall] and he was like, 'I have certain things that are in the works, I don't know if I can make it.] So she wanted to invite him."

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While viewers will have to tune in to see whether Liz gets her happily ever after, Roper and Tolbert have made it through nearly a year of marriage, after meeting on season two of Bachelor in Paradise last year.

"We really decided to commit, and we've been through the ups and downs just like everyone else. You know, they say the first year of marriage is one of the hardest, and we got married after seven months, so we've learned a lot about each other," Roper explained of how she and Tolbert make it work.

"We decided that no matter what, we were going to be there for each other though it all, and I believe once you make that commitment… that's what gets you through it," she added.

As for how she and Tolbert plan to spend their upcoming first wedding anniversary, the reality star says they plan to keep it low key.

"One of my favorite bands is in town, and we got concert tickets," she gushed.

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ET sat down with Viall on Tuesday morning, where he responded to Roper's claims that he was "closed off" to her maid of honor. 

"I would totally disagree with Jade," he said. "I definitely wanted to give her that time and consideration. And next week, you'll see how that conversation goes in its entirety."

See more in the video below.