Andrew Garfield Admits He Was High During Disneyland Birthday Trip With Emma Stone!

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Sounds like Andrew Garfield had one hell of a 29th birthday!

The Hacksaw Ridge star, who is now 33, revealed in an interview with W Magazine that a 2012 trip to Disneyland with his then-girlfriend, Emma Stone, and several other friends, was enjoyed.... with a little bit of certain herbal remedies.

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"We went to Disneyland, and we ate pot brownies," the actor confessed. "It was literally heaven."

As for how he handled the Happiest Place on Earth while under the influence, Garfield admitted that it did get difficult.

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"It was a really intense day, but we all had each other's backs, it was really fun," he added. "I almost bought a Chewbacca backpack as well. I was that stoned."

Watch the video below for more from Garfield's Disneyland experience.

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What a day!

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