John Stamos Cuts His Own Hair and Looks as Handsome as Ever

The 'Fuller House' star apparently couldn't find a barber in Berlin.

John Stamos apparently couldn't find a barber while in Berlin, Germany.

On Wednesday, the Fuller House star revealed in an Instagram video that he gave himself a "DIY" haircut. While we wouldn't recommend trying this at home -- or in Berlin for that matter -- Stamos still looks pretty good after his trim.

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Stamos' trip to Germany comes just a week after he made headlines upon visiting a patient named Amanda at Long Beach Memorial Hospital. In an effort to cheer Amanda up, Stamos called her ex-boyfriend, Jorge, on the phone to let him know what he was missing.

“Jorge, this is John Stamos,” he said in a voicemail. “I’m with Amanda, my new girlfriend. Apparently you guys broke up and I swooped right in. So, your loss, Jorge -- your loss, because Amanda is a great gal.”

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Here's a look at what the 53-year-old actor told Jorge when he later got him on the phone.