EXCLUSIVE: Viola Davis on Meryl Streep Speaking at Her Walk of Fame Ceremony: 'I Cannot Believe My Life'

Streep had nothing but glowing words for her contemporary on her big day.

Viola Davis was honored with the first Hollywood Walk of Fame star to be issued in 2017, and ET was there as her colleague and good friend, Meryl Streep, helped present her with the distinction.

"Viola Davis is possessed of a blazing, incandescent talent," Streep told the crowd gathered on Hollywood Blvd. on Thursday. "And she is the most generous, present person I know."

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With Davis standing by her side, Streep, who worked with the How to Get Away With Murder star in the 2008 drama Doubt, went on to say there's one ability that Davis does not possess.

"The thing Viola can't do is be invisible. She just can't do it," Streep noted. "She can't fade away; she can't recede; she can't be forgettable. Viola Davis is inevitable. She is like a sure thing and her star has been waiting here patiently for 50 years for her. So let's fix her in the firmament of Hollywood. Let's immortalize her in cement, and thank you for the amazing gift that you have given me and everybody here. And I just look forward to more and more from you."

Davis was visibly moved by Streep's words and paid her back in kind.

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"I cannot believe my life right now that Meryl Streep spoke at my Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony with my handsome husband and a beautiful daughter," Davis told the crowd as husband Julius and their 6-year-old daughter, Genesis, looked on.

Davis revealed to ET's Nischelle Turner that Genesis sometimes helps her pick out her outfits, but she's hardly a harsh critic.

"Genesis is more of a positive reinforce," Davis explained. "She is more of 'Whatever you want, Mommy. Whatever you do, you look beautiful.' She's one of those."

After the event, Davis dished to ET about the experience.

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"In the moment, it hit me," Davis admitted. "So many moments since I turned 50 … it's doing the work and as a result of the work, my life is coming to fruition."

On Sunday, Davis will wait to see if her work in Fences paid off as she's been nominated for a Golden Globe. For more on the upcoming awards show, watch the video below.