EXCLUSIVE: Zoe Saldana Explains Tattoo of Husband's Face: 'It Was Only Fair That I Return the Gesture'

The 'Live by Night' star and her husband both have very permanent and literal reminders of each other!

Zoe Saldana wanted to make her love permanent and literal!

The Live by Night star spoke with ET's Carly Steel on Friday about her new movie, which hits theaters on Jan. 13, and took a moment to talk about the tattoo of her husband’s face, Marco Perego, which adorns her left rib cage.

"He has a tattoo of my face on his arm. So it was only fair that I return the gesture, and I always wanted to,” the 38-year-old actress explained. "In fact, I was the one who was going to do it in the first place, but we get our tattoos with an amazing artist called Mark Mahoney. Every time we go for me, Marco would end up convincing me that I didn't have to get it, so that he can get a new tattoo."

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"This time I'm like I've been waiting for years and you're not going to shelf me and I'm going to get it," she added. "It's my turn. I got it."

Mutual tattoos of each others faces has to be a whole new level of coupling!

As for the image of Perego she chose to have inked onto her body, Saldana revealed that she found a photo of him that would become the tattoo very early in the relationship.

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"I remember when I first started dating Marco and I went online because I know he's was an artist," she shared. "So I looked him up and a picture came up. I thought it was a nice profile of his so that was the picture I wanted to have."

And getting the artwork done was not easy for Saldana.

"It HURT!" the actress exclaimed. "I was bedridden the next day."

Aw! We're sorry Zoe!

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Meanwhile Saldana also opened up about her plans in the new year with her two-year-old twin sons, Bowie and Cy.

"I would like to spend more quality time with the kids," she shared for her 2017 plans. "And make a final and definitive decision about having a healthy lifestyle. That means eating better, and not just doing it because I'm going to some resort. No more crash dieting."

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