EXCLUSIVE: Zoe Saldana Says Her 2-Year-Old Twins Are 'Totally Gangsters': 'It's Just Vicious'

The 38-year-old actress definitely has her hands full!

Forget terrible twos! Zoe Saldana's got a couple of gangsters on her hands!

ET's Carly Steel caught up with the 38-year-old actress at the junket for her new film, Live By Night, on Friday, where she said that life at home with her 2-year-old twins isn't too far off from the gangster flick.

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"They're totally gangsters," Saldana said of sons Cy and Bowie. "These kids are like up at night!"

"One is more into talking in Spanish. The other is expressing himself more in English," she added. "One is like, 'No quiero! No quiero!' And the other is like, 'I don't wanna!' You're like, 'It's time to go to sleep,' and they're both yelling at you all these things."

"And when they start fighting, they just look like two lads at a pub fighting over like the wrong girl too," she joked. "It's like, 'Ugh!' It's just vicious. 'You guys are only two this is horrible.'"

Saldana's sons turned two years old on Nov. 27, old enough to enjoy the holiday season, but young enough for the actress to create new traditions next year without them knowing the difference.

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"Now that they're two is when we're starting to tell them. And they have an idea," she said. "Their approach is very musical, so it's through songs that you get them to understand who Santa Claus is."

"But my husband [Marco Perego] and I have another year until they're 3," she explained. "I think we have this Christmas to decide what kind of Christmas we need to create and follow that tradition indefinitely for our family. Because we don't want to deprive each other's respective backgrounds too, how we celebrated Christmas as kids."

Live By Night
hits theaters on Jan. 13.

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During her chat with ET, Saldana also opened up about her decision to get a tattoo of her husband's face.

See more in the video below.