Jamie Foxx Feigns a Black Eye While Mocking Reports He Got Into Fight at Restaurant


The 'Sleepless' star posted a video to Instagram to "set the record straight."

Jamie Foxx has "gotta set the record straight" after it was reported that he was attacked on Saturday at Catch restaurant in West Hollywood, California.

Foxx addressed the claims in a video posted to Instagram on Monday night. "Gotta set the record straight. Can't we all just get along?" he wrote. "East coast, West coast! Remember when they push and shove it's only love! #icecubevoice #backonmyfunnysh**."

Despite allegations, West Hollywood Sheriff's Department told ET that they did not respond to any disturbance at the restaurant that night, and Catch would not respond to the reports.

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In the video, the 59-year-old actor feigns a face injury as he jokes about getting into an alleged brawl. "I just want to address what happened on Saturday from my perspective of ...all I was trying to do was keep my own things," he explains.

Foxx then removes the towel from his eye to reveal he doesn't have an injury at all, but rather a talent of crossing just one eye. "I'm just f**king with y'all," he quips. "Listen, in 2017, we don't want no violence. We don't wanna get hurt, and we don't want nobody hurt."

Foxx then goes on to promote his new movie Sleepless, which hits theaters on Friday. "If you want to see me whip some a**, come check me on Friday the 13th, Sleepless," he says, plugging the film. "Come see me whip some a** for real."

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Foxx told ET that he got in fighting shape for Sleepless, after receiving some tough love from his father. “Six, seven months ago, I was 216 pounds, not paying attention, eating Mr. Chows and ordering mutton and I think I had a yak cheese,” he admitted. “But my pops was like, ‘Boy, what are you doing? You look like you’re about to have baby.’ And I said, ‘Oh man!’”

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