Michael Keaton Apologizes for 'Hidden Fences' Golden Globes Mistake: 'I Messed Up Their Shot at Recognition'

The 'Birdman' star says he feels 'terrible' about the flub.

Michael Keaton deeply regrets his Golden Globes error.

The Founder star opened up about inadvertently referring to Hidden Figures as "Hidden Fences" at Sunday night's awards show, inadvertently conflating the film with Fences, another acclaimed recent film with a primarily black cast.

"I sure am sorry for making a mistake and misreading, and therefore upsetting people," the 65-year-old actor told the Associated Press. "I understand that there's a strong reaction to the mistake that I made."

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"I feel badly for the people who were involved in the movie," he added. "I, like a jerk, screwed up the title of the film ... I messed up their shot at recognition because I didn't read it correctly. That really hurts me."

One point Keaton emphatically made was that the error was just that, calling any insinuations about where he stands on race "extraordinarily incorrect."

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"Almost like calling Al Gore a climate-change denier," Keaton explained. "People make mistakes."

The same error was made by Jenna Bush Hager on the red carpet before the Golden Globes began. The NBC news correspondent later tearfully apologized on-air, saying, "It was a mistake, because y'all know I am not perfect. I am authentic, but a human, and what I didn't want to do is make anybody feel lesser than who they are."

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Meanwhile, Octavia Spencer told ET after the awards show regarding the gaffe that "things have a tendency to get overblown," even admitting that she didn't notice the error when Keaton made it.

Watch the video below to hear more of what the Hidden Figures star had to say.