President Obama Thanks Americans in Parting Letter: 'You Have Made Me a Better Man'

After eight years, the commander in chief is saying goodbye.

President Barack Obama is grateful to the American people.

A day before leaving office, the outgoing commander in chief penned a heartfelt letter thanking the country for giving him "the honor of serving as your 44th [president]."

"You made me a better President, and you made me a better man," Obama wrote. "Throughout these eight years, you have been the source of goodness, resilience, and hope from which I’ve pulled strength."

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The president then called on the nation to come together, despite how divided we may be.

"All of us, regardless of party, should throw ourselves into that work — the joyous work of citizenship. Not just when there’s an election, not just when our own narrow interest is at stake, but over the full span of a lifetime," Obama implored. "And when the arc of progress seems slow, remember: America is not the project of any one person. The single most powerful word in our democracy is the word ‘We.’ ‘We the People.’ ‘We shall overcome.’"

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In his parting words, Obama left us with that familiar, hopeful phrase: "Yes we can."

Read the president's entire letter here.

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama had some parting words of her own on Wednesday, taking to Instagram to offer gratitude, writing, "Being your First Lady has been the honor of a lifetime. From the bottom of my heart, thank you."

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Prior to that, the first lady shared a video with the family dogs, Bo and Sunny, writing, "Taking it in on one last walk through the People's House."

Watch the video below to see Vice President Joe Biden break down in tears after being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.