EXCLUSIVE: Ali Fedotowsky Gets Candid on Experiencing Mom Shaming, Wanting More Kids

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Ali Fedotowsky loves being a mom.

The 32-year-old former Bachelorette star welcomed her daughter, Molly, with fiance Kevin Manno in July, and showed off her adorable baby during a Facebook Live chat with ET's Lauren Zima, Deidre Behar and Katie Krause on Tuesday.

"Gosh, she's so awesome," Fedotowsky gushes. "She's the best. I think I had a mixed idea of what motherhood would be because so many people were like, 'It's so hard.' But then you look on Instagram and it's all these pictures of women just cradling their babies, you know, this skewed view of what motherhood is … but she's the best. I love it so much."

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"I mean, it's hard," she also points out. "I'm not really sleeping that much."

Fedotowsky and her baby are adorably inseparable.

"She's definitely a mama's girl right now," she admits. "She really needs her mama. I've never left her with anybody -- Kevin and I have never gone on a date. We've never left her with somebody for even half an hour while we go run errands. So, she's definitely so used to having me around and she's not really liking if I go away."

"But Kevin is the best dad," she adds. "He’s so present. He loves being a dad to Molly. We talk all the time about having another one, and I ask him if he'd want a boy or a girl, and surprisingly -- and I was surprised to hear him say [this] -- he wants another girl because he just loves being a dad to a little girl."

The former reality star reveals they want a sibling for Molly ... and want to start trying as soon as possible!

"We want more for sure," Fedotowsky says. "We're getting married soon. We were supposed to get married, but then this little one came along, so that kind of put a hold on our wedding plans. But we are getting married, so as soon as that’s done, we're going to kind of just go for number two!"

"I mean, we're thinking the night of the wedding!" she jokes. "Just pop one out right there."

Of course, motherhood hasn't always been easy to deal with in the public eye. Fedotowsky says she's definitely experienced being mom-shamed, especially when it comes to her blog, AliLuvs.com.

"I've gotten criticism more about me than about her," she explains. "For instance, you know, I write a lot about my outfits on my blog, and people are like, 'You're not showing a realistic depiction of what it's like to be a mom!' I'm like, 'So, just because I wash my hair and put on a little bit of makeup that means I'm not putting on a realistic depiction of being a mom?' That really bothered me when people would say that, because I feel like if putting on a little bit of makeup and a cute outfit makes me feel good, and makes me a better mom, then who's to say that's not a real mom?"

And as for her daughter possibly following in her parents' footsteps and wanting to get into showbiz one day [Manno is a television and radio host], Fedotowsky says she wouldn't hold her back.

"I shouldn't say this because people will probably hate me, but I feel like she wants to be on TV," Fedotowsky says. "She was dead silent and then cameras come in. ... Of course I would support it if she wanted to."

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