Carrie Underwood Gives an Update on Paralyzed Dog Ace: 'He Gets a Little Better Every Day'

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Carrie Underwood's precious pooch is on the road to recovery.

Last month, the "Church Bells" singer revealed one of her dogs, Ace, suffered a herniated disc and was completely paralyzed in his back end for a few days. Underwood placed him into a physical therapy program so he could gain his mobility back, and it sounds like things are finally starting to look up!

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The blond beauty shared an adorable video of little Ace walking in water as part of hydrotherapy. "Ace update," she captioned it. "His physical therapy is really helping...he gets a little better every day!"

"I even have to stop him from trying to play with his sister [Penny Jean]...he'll be back in action in no time!" she continued. "Thanks for all the concern and well wishes! ❤"

Fans were quick to cheer Ace on in the comments section of Underwood's post, writing things like, "Way to go Ace!!! Keep up the good work," "What a trooper!" and "Amazing job! Looks like he's doing so much better."

We have a feeling it won't be too much longer before he's back in tip-top shape!

Meanwhile, his mama will most likely be relaxing with a glass of wine. ET caught up with the country star in November, where she revealed red wine is her No. 1 guilty pleasure.

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"My guilty pleasures are so simple," she joked. "I mean, I love a good glass of red wine, for sure."

Hear more from her exclusive interview with ET in the video below!