Ed Sheeran Reminisces on His Teenage Years in Moving 'Castle on the Hill' Music Video


He filmed it in his hometown using kids who attended his high school!

With his highly anticipated album, ÷, set to come out on March 3, Ed Sheeran gave fans something else to get excited about on Monday.

The British singer-songwriter released the music video for his moving ode to childhood, “Castle on the Hill.”

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In the clip, a red headed teen (meant to be Sheeran) hangs out with his friends. The video then cuts back and forth between those scenes and a grown Sheeran singing while driving “down those country lanes.”

The music video ends with Sheeran meeting up with his childhood friends in the present day for a beer.

It turns out, Sheeran filmed the video in his hometown of Framlington, England, and it had some special symbolism.

“Loved filming this in Fram. All these kids are actually from my high school!” the GRAMMY winner captioned one clip on Instagram.

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On Sunday, Sheeran posted a funny video with the teen who plays his younger self in the clip, saying, “I have a feeling my dad had a bit of fun a couple years after I was born, because we do look quite similar.”

For more on Sheeran’s upcoming music, watch the clip below!