EXCLUSIVE: Brooke Mueller Leaves Rehab: 'She's Committed to Being the Best Mom and Staying Healthy'


Brooke Mueller is getting better for her kids.

Charlie Sheen's 39-year-old ex-wife is out of rehab and back with her family, ET has learned.

EXCLUSIVE: Brooke Mueller in Rehab After Recent Hospitalization: 'She's Doing a Lot Better'

"I'm really proud of how well Brooke is doing after her treatment plan and being a full time mom again," Brooke's mother, Moira Fiore, told ET on Monday about her daughter's progress. "She's very committed to being the best mom and staying healthy."

Moira also shared this photo with Brooke, taken last week, that shows the mother-of-two looking happy and healthy as she plays in the snow with her 7-year-old twin boys, Bob and Max.


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Brooke entered rehab in December after being hospitalized a month prior following an incident with the Salt Lake City police.

Brooke's sister, Sydney Wolofsky, told ET she was "doing a lot better" after her hospitalization.

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"I do know she woke up in the hospital after detox and my mom asked her what she wanted to do at this point," she added. "And she was the one that said, 'I want to go back into rehab, and I want to stay there for a while.'"

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