EXCLUSIVE: 'Bachelor' Villain Corrine's Friend Claudia Oshry Explains Engagement Ring Pic

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No spoilers here! Bachelor Nation started speculating that this season’s villain, Corrine Olympios, had officially won Nick Viall’s heart, when she was spotted sporting a diamond sparkler on that finger.

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But Corrine’s comedian pal, Claudia Oshry (aka the “Girl With No Job”), is officially setting the record straight, telling ET, “We were hanging out Friday night and, since I just got engaged, I was letting everyone try my ring on. We were having so much fun, taking photos, drinking - we didn’t even realize until every website was calling me and writing it up!”

Corrine’s mom, Peri Olympios, recently verified the girls’ story, telling ET, “It was the comedian's ring. They did it as a spoof! Actually, it's the comedian who's engaged. It's Claudia's ring. They wanted to do a little skit thing. A spoof."

As of this week’s episode, Corrine is still in the running, despite the objections of some of the other contestants.

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After the girls questioned whether or not the 24-year-old was mature enough to be in a relationship with 36-year-old Nick, Corrine was filmed complaining about contestant Taylor, saying, “Taylor is like the s**t that I scooped in my shovel. I literally can't even. I wanted to literally punch her in the face."

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Reporting by Darla Murray