Ed O'Neill Tells Hilarious Story of Brad Pitt Run-In, Talks Sofia Vergara's Sneaky Selfies of Him!

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Ed O'Neill always tells the best stories ...

Ed O'Neill is adorably putting his 17-year-old daughter, Sophia, on blast.

The 70-year-old Modern Family star recently stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show, airing Wednesday, and he talks about his recent meeting with Brad Pitt ... and how it led to his eldest daughter cursing at him.

O'Neill attended the Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation's fourth annual ROCK4EB! charity event earlier this month to support his manager -- who organizes the event -- where he spent some time with A-listers Pitt and Sting. The actor said his teenage daughter was originally supposed to join him, although she decided at the last minute to spend time with a girlfriend.

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"Brad and I know each other -- we've had the same manager for years -- and so I was talking to him, and so I came outside and the phone rang, and it was Sophia," O'Neill shares. "And she said, 'Daddy, I texted mommy and she hasn't answered. I want to sleep over and I need permission.' Well, I said, 'I'm talking to Brad Pitt right now,' and she went crazy."

Of course, O'Neill couldn't help riling her up more later in the evening.

"And she texted me back and said, 'I still haven't heard from mommy, go see about it.' I said, 'I'm talking to Jude Law,' so she texted back, 'F**K YOU!'"

"I was kidding about Jude Law, but I wasn't kidding about Brad Pitt," O'Neill laughs.

The Finding Dory star also talks about his hit show, Modern Family, specifically, his co-star Sofia Vergara's penchant for taking selfies of him without his knowledge.

"Oh my God. I think her phone has now, like, grafted into her hand," he jokes. "Every time I turn around ... she's taking something. And mine is in the car, battery's dead."

Though O'Neill is definitely fond of his on-screen wife.

"She makes me laugh, she makes me laugh on the set," he says about the 44-year-old stunner. "Because she'll say things that make no sense at all."

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This isn't the first time O'Neill has told hilarious stories to Ellen DeGeneres. In June, he revealed he had no idea who Britney Spears was when she asked to take a picture with him at the airport.

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