Charlie Sheen Regrets Being 'Stupidly Mean' to His 'Two and a Half Men' Replacement Ashton Kutcher

"I was more into my own ego than I was aware of his own battle."

Charlie Sheen admits he could have shown more grace towards his Two and a Half Men successor Ashton Kutcher.

The 51-year-old actor was fired from the hit CBS sitcom in 2011, and slammed Kutcher when he replaced him on the beloved series.

"I was stupidly mean to him because I overlooked the reality and difficulty of taking over a show,” Sheen said on Wednesday’s Kyle & Jackie O show. “Which I did, I took over Spin City when Michael J. Fox was too sick to work, but no one ever put those two together. … So, I should have been nicer.”

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“He was tasked with such an uphill struggle and I was more into my own ego than I was aware of his own battle,” he added. “And for that I am regretful.”

Sheen and Kutcher ran into one another at a Los Angeles Dodgers game last October, and Sheen said he was adamant about making amends with the 38-year-old actor. "I forced him into a handshake," he recalled. "I said: ‘Give me that cup of coffee, young man, and shake my hand.’ It was awkward but I made it fine, because I felt bad for him. He thought he was going to catch a right cross, but I just wanted to give him a hug."

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This is the second time this year that Sheen has expressed remorse for comments he's made about a fellow celebrity. After referring to Rihanna as a "b**ch" on Watch What Happens Live earlier this month, he took to Twitter to say sorry to the "Rude Boy" singer.

Check out his apologetic tweet: