Drew Barrymore Says She's 'Still in Shock' Over Her Divorce, Not Ready to Date Again: 'Gonna Take a While'

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Drew Barrymore isn't quite ready to date again.

The Santa Clarita Diet star opened up about her love life since divorcing her husband of four years, Will Kopelman, in 2016, admitting on Andy Cohen's SiriusXM radio show that she's seeing "nobody" at the moment.

"I'm not ready, I'm not open to it," the 41-year-old actress admitted. "I'm still in shock. Gonna take a while."

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But even though she's not willing to put herself out there just yet, Barrymore has managed to keep up on mobile dating apps such as Tinder and Raya (basically Tinder for celebs), if only vicariously for her friends.

"I've never been on a dating app, and I now know that's the current thing," she said, explaining that she "looks over" her friends' shoulders while they use the apps. "By the way, Raya ... if you wanna date an actor or musician, they're all on Raya."

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"It's like looking through a SAG portfolio ... and just going, 'I wanna date him,'" Barrymore joked.

That's... kinda true!

Still, when she is ready to jump back in, Barrymore revealed that she'll kind of miss the old way of dating.

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"I remember when you were just waiting for that phone to ring, and then you were worried, 'cause you would miss their call," she shared. "There's a part of me that still dates from that kind of perspective."

Meanwhile, Barrymore's upcoming Netflix series with co-star Timothy Olyphant will begin streaming on Feb. 3.

Watch the video below to see the actress take on her creepy new role!

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