Brielle Biermann Defends Herself Against Plastic Surgery Rumors: 'This A** Is Not New'

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'There's nothin' real about these lips tho,' the 19-year-old reality star confessed on Twitter.

Brielle Biermann is standing her ground.

Kim Zolciak's 19-year-old daughter took to Twitter on Friday to defend her body after co-hosts of The Real questioned her curves on an episode of the talk show.

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" 1. i'll be 20 next month so IF i wanted to get plastic surgery i don't my moms permission," Beirmann began her lengthy response. "2. my butt has been the same size my whole life. i have always had thicker thighs.. thicker lower half of my body. this 'a**' is not new!"

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"3. it was honestly just a good angle. my butts not that fat!" she continued, referencing the photo shown on The Real. "4. stop thinking everyone has plastic surgery if they have a big butt, a cute nose, big breasts, etc. not everything's fake!"

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"5. haters go fluff yourself :)," the reality star added, before fessing up to the procedures she has gotten. "6. there's nothin real about these lips thoooooo. #noshameinmygame."

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ET sat down with Biermann in October, when she set the record straight on plastic surgery rumors, denying having any work done on her nose, cheeks, breasts or butt.

"[Critics] are probably comparing me to season one of Real Housewives of Atlanta and going straight to now. Where were you guys in between?" she asked jokingly. "You can see me every single season, and you can see how I've changed."

Hear more from the reality star in the video below.