Lady Gaga Preps for the Super Bowl, Tells Guys in Traffic That She's a Dancer Headed to Work


Gaga is ready to shine at the Halftime show.

With Super Bowl LI only one week away, Lady Gaga is hard at work on her highly anticipated Halftime show.

The 30-year-old singer has already been rehearsing for weeks, and this weekend she shared some of the process with her fans.

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Posting several inspiring and funny videos to Snapchat, Gaga showed all of the hard work that goes into prepping for such a big show.


In one clip, the GRAMMY winner posed with one leg up on a clear fence, stretching while looking out at a stunning hillside view. She also shared several videos of herself doing vocal warm ups while also exercising.

Gaga flashed her toned abs in a black crop top while showing off some of her workout moves, staying in shape for the big show.


The “Applause” singer also had some fun while stuck in traffic. Despite being an internationally renowned pop star and even wearing an official Super Bowl sweatshirt, Gaga went unrecognized by two male drivers in the car next to her.

When one of the guys asked what she was up to, Mother Monster replied with a laugh, "Umm, we’re dancers, so we’re just going to go to work."

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Wonder if he’ll recognize her when he tunes into the Super Bowl next week?

For more on Gaga’s preparations, watch the clip below!