EXCLUSIVE: Troian Bellisario and Patrick J. Adams Talk Their First Red Carpet as a Married Couple

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Troian Bellisario and Patrick J. Adams walked the red carpet at the Entertainment Weekly Pre-SAG Awards party with brand new accessories -- their wedding rings!

The couple tied the knot in early December, and Saturday's carpet marked their first as a married couple. For the occasion, Bellisario wore a sexy flesh-colored corset top with black lace embellishments, while Adams rocked a three-piece suit.

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“It feels like you have this, like, perma-best friend now,” Adams told ET. “It’s like, ‘Ah, now I don’t have to worry about anything,’ and that feels really good. It’s just like you’ve got your partner in crime.”

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The actors also opened up about their wintertime nuptials, where they thought outside the box for their big day. Instead of having a simple ceremony, they turned the wedding into a three-day event with their closest friends and family.

“When we were planning the wedding, we were just kind of like, ‘How do we make this ours and not just another thing people go to?’” Adams recalled. “We’d been to weddings before where we’re like, ‘I feel like that was special, but I kinda just showed up and then I left.’ So we knew we wanted to throw a weekend long event, and then we found a cool place and wanted it to be outside.”

“[We wanted] to have a camp for three days where you get to know each other,” Bellisario added. “It’s been cool to hear the stories of how now friends from totally different groups are hanging out or making trips together, meeting up in New York.”

The newlyweds recently returned from their honeymoon, which in some ways, Bellisario enjoyed more than the actual wedding.

“I think it was also so great because the wedding was such an incredible experience and it felt like you get to be so close to somebody, but you’re also with all of your friends and you’re with your family, and it feels so huge that to get to go to someplace where you can just be quiet together, I think for me, was [amazing],” she gushed.

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As for advice they’d give to future co-stars tying the knot, Adams shared, “Enjoy every second of it. There’s so many opportunities where you could lose your mind, or get angry, or feel like something’s not going the right way. Every time that happens, just stop and go, ‘This is perfect just the way it is.’ Don’t lose your mind. It’s all exactly how it’s supposed to be.”

Reporting by Desiree Murphy

For more on the couple’s recent nuptials, watch the clip below!