EXCLUSIVE: Sterling K. Brown, Ryan Michelle Bathe Are the Ultimate Relationship Goals With 'Amazing' Love Stor

The adorable duo say their romance would make for an epic movie!

This is the stuff that relationship goals are made of.

Sterling K. Brown
and wife Ryan Michelle Bathe adorably gushed over their epic real-life romance on the SAG Awards red carpet on Sunday -- and looked fabulous while doing it!

"We need to actually put pen to paper and get it produced because people wouldn't believe it," the This Is Us star told ET's Nancy O'Dell about the couple's relationship. "The multitude of ups and downs that we went through before we finally got together and figured it out. [We] have been together solid since April 2004, [but] all the stuff that happened before that, it's a good movie."

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The pair, both 40, wed in 2007, but, believe it or not, their love story actually began at birth.

"We went to undergrad together, we went to grad school together, we were born in St. Louis, Missouri, and even more impressive, we were born in the same hospital," Brown said. "Crazier than that, our social security numbers are only three digits apart. Like, it's crazy! But we didn't meet until age 18, freshman year at Stanford University."

"We lived in the same dorm," Bathe chimed in, confirming that she and Brown aren't actually long-lost siblings.

"No! We did our DNA," she said. "Thank you Ancestry.com!"

Brown is nominated twice at Sunday's Screen Actors Guild Awards, for his work in both The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story and This Is Us. The actor said it was his first time attending the awards ceremony, but couldn't help teasing his wife about a missed opportunity more than a decade ago when she was nominated for the show Boston Legal.

"I got an invitation and my plus one -- I took my manager at the time, much to my husband's chagrin," she said after much prodding from Brown. "He was not my husband at the time! So, please, no shame, no shade!"

"We were just fiance-ed," Brown joked.

"Anyway, the point is, I took my manager at the time and he has yet to forgive me," she continued. "She's no longer my manager, she's still a lovely person, but she's no longer my manager and I just thought -- look, y'all, I was trying to get on another show, OK?"

On Brown's big night, the actor seemed to be in a playful mood. But back in December, after getting the news of his double nominations, Brown couldn't hold back his tears. See his sweet, emotional reaction in the video below.

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