Colin Hanks Insists It's 'Not Awkward' When Ex-Girlfriend Busy Philipps Interviews Him on 'Live! With Kelly'

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Busy Philipps not only had to greet her college ex-boyfriend, Colin Hanks, she also had to interview him!

The 37-year-old actress was a guest co-host on Live! With Kelly on Tuesday morning, and was more than willing to chat about dating Hanks when they were both students at Loyola Marymount University. She even shared a few photos.

"We met when I was 18 and Colin was 19," Philipps recalled. "We are very, very close friends now. His wife [Samantha Bryant] and I are tight, he and my husband [Marc Silverstein] hang out. We go on vacation together. He’s real excited that I’m here."

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Hanks echoed such remarks when he greeted host Kelly Ripa. "It’s not awkward going on national television being interviewed by your old college girlfriend," the 39-year-old actor quipped.

“We met 20 years ago!” Philipps added. “And we hang out a lot. And I do have moments where I think, ‘How cool that we knew each other at this formative moment together?’ ”

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“We got our first televisions shows within the same week. We got our first movies within the same week,” Hanks responded. “We were able to go through all the really special moments in a young actor’s lives together."

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On top of going on vacations together and hanging out with each other's spouses, Philipps and Hanks' children also attend the same school. "We get to do morning school drop-off together," he revealed.

As for who was responsible for ultimately ending the relationship, the Freaks and Geeks actress admitted, "We were young. We were babies. Honestly, I was a jerk.”

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Hanks added, "And I was too."

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