Mariah Carey Rocks Sexy Lingerie Looks, a Bridal Garter in Cover Art for New Breakup Single 'I Don't'

She's already confirmed the song is about her split from fiance James Packer.

Showing James Packer what he’s missing! Mariah Carey has already teased fans about her upcoming breakup single, “I Don’t,” and now she’s sharing some of the sultry cover art and pics from what will presumably be the sexy music video.

“Here it is: the cover for my new song, I Don’t, coming out this Friday. MC + YG #IDONT,” she captioned the image.

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In the photo, Carey is lounging in the back of a car driven by rapper YG, wearing fishnet tights, a bridal garter, and a lingerie-inspired look.

The pop diva has also shared two photos that appear to be from a music video of herself in two more sexy ensembles.

Mimi recorded the single during the season finale of her reality series, Mariah’s World, which aired this past Sunday. In the footage, the singer belts out the song before taking off her gigantic diamond engagement ring and placing it on the music stand.

After watching their love story play out on the show, Carey and her backup dancer, Bryan Tanaka, made things official shortly after her split from billionaire Packer.

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“I think we both need to just cut the sh*t and recognize the fact that the two of us know why I can't go through with this," Carey told her manager during Sunday’s show. "I can't do it. How can I do this?"