Best 2017 Super Bowl Commercials, Ranked!

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Another Super Bowl in the books!

While for many, Super Bowl LI was all about witnessing the clash between the high-powered Atlanta Falcons offense, and the impeccably disciplined New England Patriots.... the rest of us really just showed up for what happens between the downs.

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Here are the 17 best commercials that went big for the big game.

1. Audi, "#DriveProgress"

It was hard to give a tearjerker the top spot, but this one just hit our hearts in exactly the right way. Images of a boxcar-racing daughter paired with voiceover messages of gender equality cruises definitely made us feel the hardest.

2. Buick, Starring Cam Newton and Miranda Kerr

"The Super Bowl and the Super Bowl ads are such a big part of American culture," Miranda Kerr told ET of appearing in this spot with NFL star Cam Newton, explaining that she signed on because the ad sounded "cute and fun."

And we agree! Cute and fun is the perfect way to describe this ad, which is really what a good Super Bowl commercial is all about.

3. T-Mobile, Starring Justin Bieber and Terrell Owens

Justin wanted a Super Bowl commercial, and he got one! Plus, any ad campaign that draws the "Purpose" singer back to Instagram is top five in our books.

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4. Tide, "Gronk's Cleaners Discount" Starring Jeffrey Tambor and Rob Gronkowski

Gronk cutting the sleeves off your dry cleaning is a pretty simple idea, but the way Jeffrey Tambor sells the reality of the scene really pushes it over the edge in terms of awkward enjoyability.

5. Ford, "Go Further"

This is a feel-good ad. If you animated it and changed nothing else, it could easily serve as the opening short to a Pixar movie, and we should make sure there's always a place in football for that.

6. Skittles

Another simple idea, this spot doesn't go for more than it needs to, and really does make us crave this sugary treat, which is what advertising is all about.

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7. Mr. Clean, "Cleaner of Your Dreams"

Still trying to wrap our heads around the idea of Mr. Clean as a sex symbol, but giving him an earring is a big swing, and we're all about it.

8. Snickers, Live Commercial Starring Adam Driver

A live Super Bowl commercial is a feat in its own right, on top of the fact that Adam Driver can do no wrong. We've really got to reward Snickers for its continued success in the big game.

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9. Wix, Starring Gal Gadot and Jason Statham

A mini-action movie featuring Wonder Woman and frequent badass Jason Statham kicking major butt was a welcome reprieve from the NFC and AFC champions battling it out.

10. Kia Nero, "Hero's Journey" Starring Melissa McCarthy

This would honestly be higher, were it not for the fact that bad things happening to the amazing Melissa McCarthy is something that makes us kinda sad.

11. Budweiser, "Born the Hard Way"

Budweiser's no stranger to the Super Bowl ad game, and this year, they had probably their most interesting take to date. There were no cute puppies (sadly), and the Clydesdales only have a brief cameo, but the immigrant Budweiser origin story made for a captivating watch all the same.

12. Lexus LC, "Man and Machine"

It's all just good dancing, and cool, techy fun, and there's no shame in Lexus knowing that's all they needed for their Super Bowl spot.

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13. Intel, "Brady Everyday" Starring Tom Brady

At the risk of giving the New England Patriots quarterback a commercial break advantage, the idea of giving menial real-life sweeping play-by-play edits is a fun one to mess around with.

14. Busch, "BUSCHHHHHH"

Yes, it's so very dumb. But sometimes dumb just works, as this spot is clearly looking to join the Budweiser frogs or "Whusaaaaa?" in the upper echelon of pop culture referentiability.

15. Bai, Starring Justin Timberlake and Christopher Walken

Deep down, we always knew Christopher Walken was an *NSYNC fan. The 73-year-old actor joins Justin Timberlake to lend his Walken-esque delivery to the pop group's classic hit, "Bye, Bye Bye."

16. Nintendo Switch

A simple ad that wins us over on the fact that it clearly demonstrates the versatility of Nintendo's new console, and gives us more than a welcome sneak peek of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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What was your favorite commercial? Let us know at @etnow.

And watch the video below for the best spots from last year.

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