EXCLUSIVE: Mariah Carey Reveals Benefits of Working Out in Heels, Offers Advice to Beyonce on Raising Twins

The 46-year-old singer admits that she had a "tough time" after giving birth to her two children.

ET's Carly Steel caught up with Mariah Carey at two events over the weekend, and got her advice on everything from raising twins to hitting the gym in heels.

Carey's 5-year-old son and daughter, Moroccan and Monroe Cannon, joined their mom at the premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures' The LEGO Batman Movie in Westwood, California, where the 46-year-old singer chatted with ET about news that Beyonce is expecting twins of her own.

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"The last time I saw her, I was doing [my] Christmas [show in New York City,] and she came to my show and brought her daughter [Blue Ivy.] It was really, really sweet," said Carey, who sent Beyonce a congratulatory message on Instagram upon hearing of her baby news. "I just wish her and Jay [Z] all the best."

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"It's really hard having twins," she admitted. "I just mean in general, going through the physicality of having twins was really really difficult for me. I had a tough time."

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She added, "There's nothing like it. They're the best."

While Queen Bey was making headlines for her epic baby announcement, Carey was in the news for posting some seriously sexy pics and gifs while working out in high heels and fishnet stockings.

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"This is not the first time I've worked out in heels people," she quipped to ET while celebrating the release of her single, "I Don't," at Catch LA on Saturday night. "I remember the first time I did this on Cribs and everyone was like, 'Oh my gosh, she's working out in heels! What is she doing?' I'm like, 'I'm being serious!' Then I was just like, 'Let me just do this for laughs and, you know, I don't know if they took it seriously or whatever."

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Carey does think there are benefits to working out in heels. "It's actually good for the calves."

The GRAMMY winner was also thrilled to see that Rihanna had reposted the photo of her wearing the FENTxPuma heels, which are part of RiRi's Puma collection. "I love her. I think she's beautiful and amazing," Carey gushed. "I love her shoes. I love those Pumas!"

Check out Carey's latest glamorous workout:

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