Milo Ventimiglia Pulls Off the Best Surprise for 'This Is Us' Fan -- Watch the Cute Video!

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Talk about going meta!

Milo Ventimiglia
pulled of the best surprise for a This Is Us fan while they were on location in a residential neighborhood in Los Angeles for the show. The coolest part: The fan, whose name is Fred, happened to be watching an episode while they were filming next door.

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Ventimiglia, 39, noticed and got together his cast members and crew to film the big moment.

“This family is actually watching our show. We’re filming next door. We’re going to go knock on their door. Come on!” the actor said, setting up the scene before he ran over to the glass door.

“We happened to notice what you’re watching right now. You’re watching us!” Ventimiglia told a stunned Fred, as he and the crew laughed at the impromptu surprise.

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Of course, no surprise would be complete without selfies for posterity, and Ventimiglia, as well as the teenage versions of The Big Three -- Hannah Zeile (Kate), Logan Shroyer (Kevin) and Niles Fitch (Randall) -- gathered to take a few snaps with Fred.

Simply amazing.

This Is Us
star Justin Hartley, who plays adult Kevin, opened up to ET about what’s to come for the remaining five episodes of the season.

“It may take a dark turn, so get ready for that. It gets real,” Hartley warns.

This Is Us
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