Jake Gyllenhaal Reveals Kelly Ripa Has Tried to Unsuccessfully Set Him Up on Dates

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Kelly Ripa is trying (and failing) to play matchmaker!

Jake Gyllenhaal stopped by Live! with Kelly on Friday to promote his upcoming Broadway musical, Sunday in the Park with George. During their friendly banter, Ripa revealed that she has tried more than a couple times to set up Gyllenhaal on dates.

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“Every time I see you I try to set you up with somebody,” Ripa began. “I try to set him up with somebody as if he’s hurting for dates.”

“She’s obviously doing a really good job,” the Southpaw actor joked in return, poking fun at her matchmaking skills.

“Do you ever get tired of me trying to matchmake you with people?” the 46-year-old talk show host asked.

“Um, no keep trying,” Gyllenhaal replied, as Ripa joked that there were about 75 people in the audience who would love to go on a date with him. She insisted that Gyllenhaal, 36, is an introverted person and has tried to set him up with other introverted people.

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“You can set him on a date with me,” joked Jeffrey Dean Morgan, 50, who was also on the show. Both Morgan and Ripa caught themselves leaning toward Gyllenhaal’s apparently magnetic gaze.  

“It’s really something!” Ripa exclaimed.

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