Scarlett Johansson Goes Full-On Cyborg in Badass New 'Ghost in the Shell' Trailer -- Watch Now!

A new preview for Johansson's live-action take on the cult classic manga dropped at midnight.

We didn't actually have to travel to Tokyo for the latest Ghost in the Shell trailer, but we sure as hell were transported nonetheless.

A new preview for Scarlett Johansson's live-action take on the cult classic manga dropped at midnight and, though we've seen Johansson kick a** as superhero assassin Black Widow and merciless antihero Lucy and whatever she was in Under the Skin, GITS features a new side to the star -- the cyborg side.

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In Ghost in the Shell, Johansson plays The Major, a special ops hybrid who hunts down the most dangerous criminal as part of an elite task force called Section 9. This is but the latest look at the flick. A sneak peek dropped during the Super Bowl that ripped open Johansson's face to show her robotic inner workings:

When ET traveled to Japan for the first trailer's premiere, director Rupert Sanders revealed why -- despite any controversy -- Johansson was his only choice to play The Major, explaining, "She's the best actress of her generation, and I was flattered and honored that she would be in this film."

"There are very few actresses who've had 20 years of experience, who have the cyberpunk aesthetic already baked in," he added. "She comes from such edgy films, from Lost in Translation to Under the Skin. She's got an incredible body of work and her attitude and toughness is, to me, The Major."

Ghost in the Shell
hits theaters on March 31, 2017.

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