EXCLUSIVE: Blake Shelton Jokes Gwen Stefani 'Is Sleeping on the Couch' When 'The Voice' Competition Heats Up

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Blake Shelton
and Gwen Stefani are certainly feeling the love... but they're also preparing for war.

The real-life couple is back together on-screen in the upcoming twelfth season of The Voice, premiering Feb. 27 on NBC, alongside Adam Levine and Alicia Keys. ET sat down with the foursome to get all the scoop on the alliances and competition we'll see in the coming weeks.

"Here's how it works, all of us mess with Blake, pretty much," Adam says. "And I'm not saying this with any bitterness, or any resentment at all, 'cause I don't have any, but they go at me. I pretty much have no allies."

His story checks out: not only is Gwen in a relationship with Blake, she also has a long-running friendship with Alicia.

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"Do you remember one time we ganged up on Adam?" Blake asks Alicia, responding to his frenemy's allegation. "Such a liar."

"He is sensitive," Alicia adds. "Maybe because I am moving into that lane a little bit more."

One thing they all agree on, is that Blake and Gwen do bring their work home with them at night.

"Him and Gwen definitely work together," Alicia says, while Levine wholehearted agrees.

"We'll be driving home at night and I'll be like, 'Do you think I should put these two people against each other?' and he'll be like, 'Yeah, yeah yeah," Gwen explains. "I was like, 'I don't believe you! I think you're trying to trick me right now!'"

"There have been those moments and it is pretty funny," Blake adds.

But when the competition heats up and the battle rounds begin, what happens if there's a Team Blake-meets-Team Gwen steal?!

"She is sleeping on the couch, that is what happens," Blake jokes. "She will be in the dog house."

Another thing to expect this season is even more girl power from Gwen and Alicia!

"I think it's better when it's two [guys] and two [girls] 'cause evenly balanced testosterone to estrogen ratio is really good," Adam says. "I love that. I think it's important that we balance it out."

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"She's such a strong person, she has such a good energy to her," Gwen gushes over Alicia. "She's always been so amazing. I've always been blown away by her, and not just her singing and her music, but just when you talk to her. She's such a cool girl."

Gwen also admits that Alicia seems to be the coach to beat.

"This season is really intense. There's a lot of really, really good singers," she says. "When you have someone like Alicia, I feel like everybody wants to be with Alicia. She's so good at pitching herself 'cause she's so amazing, and then she's new. There's just something about it."

And with our segment airing on Valentine's Day, we had to ask what all four coaches had in store for their special someones.

"Look, I say to all those Valentine's people out there -- let's focus on those other 364 days," Adam says. "I was going to say," Gwen adds, "Every day's Valentine's Day for me right now!"

Alicia responds with a laugh. "I doubt that comes from him [Blake], but that should be the way it is."

"Alicia got me a box of those sweethearts candy and wrote, 'To: Blake, Love: Alicia,'" Blake counters. "I am going to scratch that out and give that to Gwen [for Valentine's Day]."

Jokes aside, Blake can't help but show his lady a little love.

"Have you seen her? Have you seen me?" he says. "Tell me I'm not the luckiest guy on earth."

As for Alicia, she and hubby Swizz Beatz will be dialing the romance up all the way.

"I love to take every moment that we have to make adult time for me and my baby, because we both travel a lot so it is hard to be together. So when we have it, we plan it and make it and it is beautiful, so we are definitely going to do that," she says.

"But I think, how fun it would be to have a moment with the boys, too," she adds with a smile, referring to sons Egypt, 6, and Genesis, 2. "I'm teaching them what queens look like and how all women are queens. And it's very important that in every way, to make sure they shower me with some love."

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