EXCLUSIVE: Hannah Jeter Talks Family Life With Husband Derek, Says She 'Wouldn't Pose Visibly Pregnant'

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Hannah Jeter loves being pregnant -- but she's not about to show off her baby bump to the world.

ET caught up with the 26-year-old in New York City on Wednesday, where she opened up about her pregnancy and revealed that she "wouldn't pose visibly pregnant."

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"Maybe I would do a pregnant shoot [just to] have the pictures for myself, but I think that's something you kind of just want to share with your husband or your family," Jeter explained. "I don't think I would just give that to the world. That would be a little much."

The brunette beauty revealed the pregnancy on Monday with a heartfelt tribute to her husband, baseball legend Derek Jeter, in The Players' Tribune. And though she was pregnant while posing for Sports Illustrated's latest swimsuit edition, she had no idea.


"I think if I wasn't pregnant, I probably wouldn't have shared as much [in the article], but you're so excited and elated, that I think you share more than you probably would," she shared. "I was actually working on that article with The Player's Tribune before I had any intention of releasing that information, but was a hypothetical, because I was thinking about, 'What would our kids think?' because they'll never get to see him play."

"I'm just so happy right now, I really could care less [about my body changing]. I mean, I'm sure, just like every woman, after you give birth, you're gonna be self-conscious, and get back [in] shape, or just what you're comfortable with, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it," she said, adding that the couple is hoping to have three kids down the line.

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Jeter is no stranger to having her body change in the spotlight, telling ET that though she's been modeling since she was 14 years old, she struggled with body image at 19, before landing Sports Illustrated.

"I was going through this weird transition phase, where I just didn't know how [I was going] to book jobs," she said. "SI just totally is a game-changer. Once you're in the issue, fashion people recognize you and commercial people recognize you, so it was truly a gift."

For now, however, Jeter is focusing on growing her family.

"I think for us, family has always been really important. We're extremely grounded and have very close friends and family around all the time, that kind of keep you in check. We live in a place -- we're very fortunate. I love to visit New York, and I love to visit LA -- we have a bit more reserved, chill life down in Tampa," she revealed. "So, I'm thankful for that."

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"I just want [our kids] to choose [what they want to be]. I just want them to set their own goals, and have nothing to do with us, because I think it's not fair," she continued. "It's a tough thing, you know, when you have a mom that did this, or a dad that did this. I hope that they don't have, that people don't have those expectations for them, and they do what they love and what they're into."

The new issue of Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition is on newsstands now.

See more on the Jeters in the video below.

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