EXCLUSIVE: Chrissy Teigen Admits She Used to Weigh Herself 3 Times a Day, Talks Newfound Confidence After Baby

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Chrissy Teigen feels sexier than ever after giving birth.

The 31-year-old model sat down with ET on Thursday to talk about her steamy new Sports Illustrated photo shoot alongside the magazine's swimsuit issue director, MJ Day, and opened up about how her attitude about her weight has changed since welcoming daughter Luna last April.

"Honestly, I was so stuck on the scale game," Teigen admits to ET's Jennifer Peros about her old habits. "Like, I was the kind of person that was, you know, pre-baby, I weighed myself like three times a day. I knew how much I weighed at 8 a.m., and I knew how much I was supposed to weigh at 1 p.m., and I knew how much I was supposed to weigh at 8 p.m."

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Teigen says seeing Sports Illustrated's annual swimsuit issue celebrate different body types and women of all different ages over the years inspired her to think about her own curves.

"You start to realize that it's not about the number on the scale, it's about how you project yourself, it's those suits that you wear," she says. "I think this issue does more for people than anyone will ever know. We might look back and look at shows that I love -- like, I love the show Girls for example, and I love that Lena Dunham goes on the show and she just does whatever, and she's like, 'This is my body, take it or leave it' -- and I think every little bit of that kind of thing helps. Every time some little girl gets to look in this issue, and see so many different body types and [women] embracing themselves, that's really important."

In Teigen's case, she reveals she actually felt the sexiest when she was pregnant.

"I would've shot this thing nine months pregnant, I swear," she jokes about her sexy SI photos. "When I was that pregnant, I was so, so incredibly happy -- and at that point you're just like, 'This is it, take it or leave it!'"

Sports Illustrated

These days, her body confidence continues, and she's OK with a less strict diet.

"I feel completely at food peace right now -- having a baby has given me this weird confidence," she shares. "Like, listen -- I'm gonna have these little cheat days, these little cheat moments ... I always send the email [before a photo shoot] like, 'Just so you know, I'm not what I used to be!'"

... Just how confident is Chrissy these days? She Instagrammed a pic of herself naked at ET's offices on Thursday.

"Just a typical press day with @mj_day for the launch of @si_swimsuit 2017!!" she wrote.

Teigen also has huge respect for 63-year-old Christie Brinkley, who posed in this year's issue alongside her daughters, 31-year-old Alexa and 18-year-old Sailor.

"I have no idea what I am going to look like at 63, but I am not going to look like Christie Brinkley, that's for sure," Teigen cracks. "That is for sure. She eats an apple a day before lunch. I eat, like, a pizza before lunch, and then I eat lunch."

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Still, she says she can "definitely" see herself posing with Luna in a similar photo shoot 20 years from now, and says her husband, John Legend, will approve!

"She is going to be such a monster though," Teigen jokes about the adorable Luna. "She is such a monster."

Watch the video below for more on Teigen's incredible SI photo shoot, which was shot just six months after she gave birth.

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