EXCLUSIVE: Why Joey Lawrence Doesn't Want His Kids to Be Child Actors Like He Was

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Brothers Joey, Matthew and Andrew Lawrence dominated the '90s sitcom scene as teen heartthrobs, but Joey tells ET he doesn't want his children to get involved in Hollywood quite yet.

Now 40 years old with two daughters -- Charleston, 10, and Liberty, 6 -- Joey knows full well about the pitfalls that can overtake young actors in show business.

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"I told [Charleston], 'I don't want you to do this, because you know what happens to 9 out of 10 of these young ladies? They get used and they get spit out and no one remembers them,'" Joey tells ET's Nischelle Turner. "I told her [to] take the example of Ron Howard's daughter. She started a little later. Jennifer Lawrence started a little later. If you're really meant to do this -- and she is amazing -- I'd rather that you enter a little later where you can jump right into the stuff, and people respect you for what you do and not just because you're 11 and you're cute."

America first took notice of Joey on the '80s sitcom, Gimme a Break!, when he was just seven years old. Meanwhile, Matthew, 37, first appeared in Dynasty, and 29-year-old Andy's first TV gig was on Joey's show, Blossom.

ET first met the siblings on the set of their '90s sitcom, Brotherly Love.

"I like it a lot," Andy told us in 1995 about working with his big brothers. "They are the best."

Today, Andy is still grateful for the opportunities his brothers provided for him.

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"I had it the easiest, definitely, out of the three of us. I was given my first role," Andy says. "Between the two of them, I always got jobs because they always needed young versions of them. It just so happened that I was close enough it worked -- DNA compatible."

The brothers are still working together, just in a different industry. They're currently pursuing their shared passion for music with their band, Still Three.

"We've always just fooled around, but we never actually put pen to paper and worked on something from beginning to end," Joey says, explaining how the group came to be.

The brothers admitted that their first single, "Lose Myself," was leaked before it was actually finished, but they've been pleased with the positive response.

"We literally did it, like, in one night," Joey admits. "It is a demo. We never really finished it. It's not a fully mastered product, but it was good enough ... The response has been amazing!"

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Joey revealed that his biggest musical inspiration comes from late '70s pop, and he's all about making feel-good tunes for fans to vibe out to.

"We can give our points of view. We can have our ideas. We can convey messages," Joey says. "At the end of the day, though, I just want to entertain people. That's it. If we're court jesters out there making people smile and letting them forget what's going on -- because the world's a tough place -- that's all I want to do."