EXCLUSIVE: Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Joke About Being the 'Cool Grandparents'

The cute couple spoke with ET about what they love most about spending time with their grandkids.

Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks
are opening up about the latest chapter in their lives: being awesome grandparents.

The adorable couple stepped out together for An Unforgettable Evening, a gala fundraiser benefitting the Women's Cancer Research Fund in Los Angeles on Thursday, where they stopped to talk with ET's Denny Directo about their adorable grandkids.

"We're the cool grandparents," Wilson shared.

"I think [we're] the most cool," Hanks added.

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According to the Sully star -- who has three young grandchildren -- being around the little ones is endlessly fun.

"When you have grandkids, if you're with one of them -- or all three of them – look, there's no book, no radio, no TV. You're going to be entertained by them every moment that you're there," Hanks marveled. "Sit back and watch the show!"

However, the couple admit that their grandkids aren't necessary as enthralled by them.

"I think they just put up with us," Hanks joked.

"Sometimes they just look at us like, 'What?'" Wilson chimed in.

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The happy star couple also opened up about supporting the Women's Cancer Research Fund and their annual charity gala.

"I think this is our 20th year," Wilson said. "So, for us, it's really meaningful that people still turn up."

Wilson herself is a cancer survivor. The actress and singer was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2015 and, after several months of treatment, was declared cancer free the following December.

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Wilson said she has "fortunately" remained healthy since, adding, "Every day without cancer is a good day."

Recently, Wilson celebrated her 60th birthday with her loving husband on the red carpet at the premiere of his action adventure Inferno, and ET was there to share in the festivities. Check out the video below to see more from the adorable duo.