Aaron Carter Breaks Silence Following Alleged Attack by Concert Opener at Illinois Show

The 29-year-old singer claims 'everything is good for right now.'

UPDATE, 2/19 - 10 AM PT: In response to the incident that took place on Friday, Aaron Carter's rep told ET in a statement,"No racial slur was used by Aaron Carter. His response to his attacker was a pop culture slang phrase equivalent to the phrase "Bye, Felicia," also found in the urban dictionary. As a result, Aaron was punched twice in the head and left bloody, so he was taken to the hospital for observation."

Aaron Carter is speaking out after he was allegedly attacked at his concert in Bradley, Illinois.

The 29-year-old singer took to Twitter on Saturday to tell his side of the story about what happened during his show the night before at the Looney Bin.

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According to TMZ, who first reported the news, Carter asked security to escort a member of his show opener, ILL State, out of the venue, as he was distracting him while he was trying to perform.

After the man left the bar -- Carter reportedly shouted, "Bye, Felipe!" as he made his way out -- he came back in and allegedly attacked Carter, the outlet reports, damaging his computer and a speaker in the process. Carter was sent to the emergency room, and cops are currently investigating the incident.

"Chillen w my boys before I finally get to bed... hospitals suck. & so do bullies," Carter tweeted on Saturday, accompanied with a selfie taken from his bed. "My face is still pretty though and untouched."

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"I didn't get beat up I got hit and pushed when I wasn't looking and they ran out the club and I stood on the speakers waiting for them," he continued in a series of tweets. "This dude sized me up after I said he had to go and said bye Felipe, like bye Felicia, the male version, Friday," Carter added. "He needed to go."

After a slew of haters started tweeting him some hateful messages, Carter said, "I can only explain myself so much."

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"Have a good day guys," he exclaimed. "Gotta get off this thing & go to sleep haven't been able too, a lots been happening. Even after all that happened people are still threatening to get into physical altercations w me. Very sad."

"Everything is good for right now," he added. "Police are investigating."

Carter was scheduled to perform again in Bradley on Sunday, but announced via Twitter that he has cancelled the show "due to unforeseen circumstances."

"I'm so sorry," he wrote. "I LøVë you all!"

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