EXCLUSIVE: Josh Murray Says Andi Dorfman and Nick Viall Are 'Perfect for Each Other'

The Atlanta native says he's been offered a book deal after Dorfman's controversial tell-all was released last year.

Fans watched as the unthinkable happened on Monday night's episode of The Bachelor: Andi Dorfman returned to confront Nick Viall.

While the purpose of her visit was left "to be continued," Dorfman's ex (and Viall's nemesis) Josh Murray seems to have some ideas.

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ET's Lauren Zima caught up with Murray for a Facebook Live interview on Monday, where he revealed that, despite the fact that he ended up with Dorfman over Viall on her season of The Bachelorette, he thinks Dorfman and Viall are "perfect for each other."

"I think they're perfect for each other, to be honest," he confessed. 'Knowing both of the people and who they are, they should have ended up together."

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While Murray didn't go into details of "who they are," his opinion of the pair is pretty clear. Dorfman slammed her former fiancé in her recent tell-all, It's Not Okay, which Murray clearly wasn't too thrilled about.

"That's her way of making money and stuff, and that's great, and if I've got to be the fall guy for everything in whatever her stories are, then whatever," he said, adding that the "worst lies" have been told about him.

"It's very tempting to tell the truth," he shared, explaining that he's been asked to write a book, but hasn't because he doesn't want to attack people. "There could be a book written that would be very, very bad but that's not something I want to do."

Murray still hasn't read Dorfman's book cover to cover, saying excerpts he's bee show tell enough of a story. 

"It's a shame that somebody would have to stoop to that level to make money and have a career, putting someone else down," he said. "I have no intentions of ever seeing her or talking to her again."

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As for Murray's opinion of Viall? Well, let's just say their Bachelorette turned Bachelor in Paradise feud (Murray's ex-fiancee, Amanda Stanton, went out on a date with Viall before he arrived in Paradise) hasn't left Murray with the sweetest taste in his mouth.

"They do a good job over there producing the show. They do a very, very good job of producing it, and sometimes it hurts other people," he said of his time in Bachelor Nation. 

Regardless of how his reality TV romances have turned out (Murray and Dorfman split shortly after her season of The Bachelorette, and he and Stanton broke up in December -- though they were spotted kissing on Sunday), the Atlanta native says he has no regrets, but advises future contestants to "always be yourself."

"Always be yourself because they're going to portray you how they want to portray you for the storyline," he warned.

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Save for villain Corinne Olympios, there's a little less drama on Viall's season of The Bachelor -- though the blonde beauty isn't the one Murray is concerned about.

"I just wish the best for the girls," he said.

"I'm very pessimistic when it comes to what I feel like the intentions are at the end," he added of whether or not he thinks Viall's relationship with his final pick will last. "I feel like I know Nick pretty well, and I wish the girls luck for sure."

As for his own possible return to Bachelor Nation? Murray didn't say no to a BIP return or being the Bachelor in the future, but revealed he wants to spend the next year traveling and focusing on his personal growth, admitting, "TV shows in general, I'm not thinking about any of that stuff. I'm just trying to enjoy my life right now."

See more from Viall's season of The Bachelor in the video below.

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